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Around the Parish – December 17, 2023

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As Christmas falls on a Monday this year, our Advent season is unusually brief. In just one week, we’ll immerse ourselves in the joyful hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations. While many of you may have already adorned your homes with festive decor, as a church family, we will come together to beautifully decorate the church in anticipation of the holiday.

The unique timing of Christmas on a Monday adds an intriguing element to our planning. It’s important to note that fulfilling our obligations requires attending Mass for both the Fourth Sunday of Advent and the Christmas celebration. For example, if you’re inclined to attend two vigil masses, consider joining us on Saturday, December 23, for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, and then returning in the evening on Sunday, December 24, for the Christmas celebration. Alternatively, you can opt for a morning mass on Sunday, December 24, for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, followed by the 9 am service on Christmas Day. A third option is to attend the Sunday morning mass for the Fourth Sunday of Advent and the Sunday evening mass for Christmas. I understand, it’s a lot to keep track of – in many ways, it’s simpler for me! I’ll be present at all the masses and look forward to sharing the joy of the season with each of you.

Here’s a couple of thoughts for your week: If you rearrange the letters in depression, you’ll get
‘I pressed on’ – meaning your current situation is not your final destination. Remember: just like a bow and arrow, when life pulls you back, it’s just preparing to launch you into something great.

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy