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Around the Parish – June 9, 2024

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As announced last weekend, we are delighted to celebrate our parish feast day throughout this weekend, honoring the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Please note that the readings for this special Mass have been carefully selected for the occasion and will not be available in the hymnals. Let us come together in prayer and community to deepen our devotion and celebrate the grace and love bestowed upon us through the honoring of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Thank you to everyone for the Anniversary well wishes and congratulations. I am grateful for your continued support of me and our parish community. I am truly honored and humbled to have been a priest for six years now. It feels like just yesterday I was in seminary, dreaming of what it would be like to be a priest some day. I am truly grateful to God for allowing me to be your priest these past two years. I look forward to many years to come! (And hopefully the Bishop agrees. I’d love to stay here forever!)

A special congratulations to my Brother Knights this weekend as we also celebrate their 65th Anniversary. I am grateful for their presence in our parish, our community, and our families. As a knight, I know of the dedication and support intimately that they give to the church. Please make sure to thank the knights for all they do for our church and beyond. Also, if any man is interested in joining the Knights, please contact Mr. Rich Lipinski, the Grand Knight of the Mercer Knights of Columbus. ( We are always hoping to have more brothers join!

As you know, our 40 Hours Eucharistic Devotion begins this Sunday following our 10a mass. Over the next three days, Adoration will be in church each day following mass, and will conclude with Benediction each night beginning at 7pm with Evening Prayer and a Homily by Deacon Michael Scanga. Many priests from all over the Diocese of Erie will be visiting our parish for this special time. Please do greet them and welcome them to our parish! The flyer of times is available in our bulletin this weekend. Please make sure to take a copy home!

Next weekend, we will be taking up a second collection for our Vacation Bible School. We run our VBS solely on donations as we do not charge any of the participants so that there is no barrier for the families to participate. In your charity, please help us to spread the news about our VBS for children to participate. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Here are a few thoughts for the week ahead:

Friendships are flowers in the garden of life: you need to water them and care for them if you want them to grow. Be a person who solves problems, not one who creates them. Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy