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Around the Parish – December 25, 2023

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A Blessed and Merry Christmas to all! As we rejoice in the Christmas season, let our hearts turn to the profound beauty of the Incarnation – the moment when God became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is not merely a commemoration of a historical event; it’s a celebration of God’s intentional choice to be present among us. The manger in Bethlehem becomes the sacred stage where the divine and human intersect.

In the simplicity of the stable, God’s boundless love takes tangible form. The infant Jesus, born in humility, embodies a radical message: God’s desire to be intimately connected with humanity. The Incarnation reveals a God who doesn’t stand at a distance but enters into the very fabric of our existence.

As we exchange gifts and gather with loved ones, may we recognize the ultimate gift – Jesus’ presence in our lives. His birth is a declaration that God is not a distant observer but an active participant in our joys and struggles.

The significance of Christmas lies not just in the festivities but in the transformative power of God dwelling among us. Jesus’ presence brings light to our darkness, hope to our hearts, and salvation to our souls.

This Christmas, let our celebrations echo the profound truth of Emmanuel – God with us. In our interactions, may we mirror the love and compassion demonstrated by Jesus in his earthly journey. As we reflect on the Incarnation, may our lives become a testament to the ongoing miracle of God’s presence in the world.

May the gift of Jesus’ presence inspire us to be present to one another, sharing the love and grace that flow from the manger in Bethlehem. In doing so, our Christmas celebrations become more than rituals; they become a reflection of the eternal significance of God dwelling among His people.

Wishing you a Christmas season filled with the joy and wonder of the Incarnation.           

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy