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Around the Parish – October 15, 2023

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We are coming up on the Holy Day of Obligation of All Saints Day. Our Mass schedule for All Saints will be Wednesday, November 1 @ 8am and 6pm. Masses for All Souls Day will be Thursday, November 2 @ 8am and 6pm. At the 6pm mass, we will have our annual memorial of all the deceased of our parish in the past year. Included in the bulletin is a list of all our beloved deceased. If you wish to include anyone from outside the parish in our list, please email the parish office including the name of the deceased and the date of their death.

With this celebration of All Saints and All Souls days, we recognize these special celebrations that are surrounded with much mystery and mysticism. A way that we as humans have come to understand these celebrations can be seen in the Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico involves the creation of an ofrenda or “altar of the dead” to honor deceased loved ones. This elaborately decorated altar features photographs of the departed as a central focus. Candles and marigold flowers illuminate the ofrenda and guide spirits back to the living world. Incense purifies the environment, and sugar skulls (calaveras de azúcar) serve as colorful decorations. Favorite foods and drinks, including the special Pan de Muerto bread, are provided for the spirits. Personal items, religious symbols, and papel picado (decorative paper) may also adorn the altar. The ofrenda is a heartfelt way to remember and honor the deceased, creating a connection with them during this unique and culturally rich holiday.

This year, for the celebration of All Souls Day, we wish to invite everyone to bring in a picture of their deceased loved ones to be placed in the sanctuary. We ask that you drop off a picture of your loved one either following the Sunday Masses these next two weeks, or any time during the week in the sacristy following mass. We ask that your picture is no larger than 5×7 so that we can adequately fit everyone’s pictures. Please make sure to put your name and contact information on the back of the picture so as to make sure the safe return of the portrait. These pictures will remain in our sanctuary through the weekend of November 5.

On November 5, we will have a special Family Faith Formation day where Antonio and Nelly Sosa-Ramirez along with their family will be presenting the understanding and history of Dia de los Muertos and how we can celebrate this very Catholic and very spiritually rich holiday in our families and our community. Please plan on attending this special day!

Here’s a couple of thoughts for your week: Remember, breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Sometimes, things fall apart so that other things can fall into place. Sometimes you have to fight through your worst days in order to earn the best days of your life. Don’t give up!

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy