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Around the Parish – January 21, 2024

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Before you know it, we will already be back in Lent. The Gospel this weekend gives us a preview of Lent and our expectations. Jesus calls us to repentance and firm faith in the Gospel. Let our prayer this week be focused on His Good News and the grace of the Sacraments.

Eucharistic Ministers for Nursing Home Visits:

On Thursday, February 1 at 11:00am, I ask anyone that is interested in taking communion to the nursing homes to come to a meeting in the parish office conference room. If you work during that time or are unable to make it, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Even if you haven’t contacted the parish office yet and are even just interested in this ministry, I ask that you come to this meeting. As always, if you have any questions, please call the parish office.

Snow Removal:

I must have jinxed us, as the snow and cold came in this past week! We are in need of someone to shovel and spread salt around our church campus. THIS IS A PAYING JOB!!! Please help us find someone who would be able to assist us in this task.

Spring Bible Study Registration:

Our Spring Bible Study awaits, and I encourage you to register by Monday, February 5, 2024. The cost is $20 per person, and your timely registration ensures that all necessary books can be purchased. We benefit from a parish discount, so let’s delve into the Word together.

Vacation Bible School Planning Meeting:

A reminder that our planning meeting for VBS 2024 is Wednesday, January 31 at 6:00 pm. If you are able to help in any capacity, please plan on attending this meeting. If you are unable to be present at this meeting, please contact the parish office. Thank you to all our volunteers! Without your “yes” we would not be able to have programs like this available in our church!

Mass Schedule:

THIS WEEK weekday masses will be in the office Conference Room. We will be rewaxing the sanctuary this week.

Here are a few thoughts for the week ahead:

Never let the ugly in others compromise the beauty in you. Never be a prisoner of your past, It was a life lesson, not a life sentence. Ideal families only exist in art and literature. All families have their crosses. What differentiates families is the number of members who are willing to lend a hand in trials and the number who choose to be mere spectators .

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy