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Around the Parish – November 19, 2023

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With Thanksgiving being this Thursday, our mass schedule will be a bit different this week. We will only have daily masses on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. On Monday, November 20, I will be meeting with the orthopedic surgeon about my foot. I ask of your prayers that I do not need surgery! On Wednesday of this week, I will be headed home to travel with my mom for Thanksgiving at my brothers, so there will be no mass here on Thursday and Friday so that I can celebrate with my family.

For all of our families that might be traveling for the holiday, know of my prayers for you. May you be protected with traveling mercies so that we may all reach our destinations safely and return to our homes again.

Next weekend is Christ the King Sunday which signals to us that Advent is right around the corner. Starting next Sunday, we will list the Christmas Mass Schedule. With Christmas being on a Monday, we are required to attend both mass for the Fourth Sunday of Advent (Dec 23/24) AND for Christmas (Dec 24/25) Mass on Sunday, December 24 in the morning does NOT count for Christmas, and Christmas Eve masses do not count for Sunday Mass.

The Nursing Home Gift Tree is still in our church for our local seniors. If you are able to help spread some Christmas Cheer, we ask that you take a tag from the tree, purchase the gift listed, and return the gift in a gift bag with the tag to church by Sunday, December 3.

#iGiveCatholic this year will be on Tuesday, November 28. A project that we are looking to do is update and upgrade the chairs and tables in our parish conference room. Each new chair costs $50, and we are looking into purchasing at least 50 chairs. Any help you might be able to give to this project would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds from this fundraiser stay completely in our parish. More information can be found in this weekend’s bulletin as well as on our website at:

Here’s a couple of thoughts for your week: Great opportunities to help others seldom come; small ones surround us every day. If we magnified our successes as much as we magnified our disappointments, we’d all be much happier.

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy