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Around the Parish – September 3, 2023

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The air is abuzz with anticipation as we gear up for the upcoming Second Annual Simply Sweets Fundraiser. Keep an eye on your mailboxes this week, for soon you’ll receive the forms that mark the commencement of this delectable endeavor. Join hands with us in support, ensuring those forms with payment find their way back to our parish office by October 9, 2023. Together, we can weave sweetness into our community initiatives. Thanks again to Mrs. Peck and her dedicated team for their outstanding contributions, crafting delectable treats that have become the cornerstone of this fundraiser’s success.

Today, following the 11 am mass, we extend an open invitation to all our students. Gather your cherished book bags and step into our sanctuary. Here, we’ll share a special book bag blessing, infusing the tools of knowledge with the spirit of learning given to us from God. Let this ritual guide you through the pages of wisdom that await.

Heartfelt gratitude flows to all who’ve embraced the convenience of Flocknote. If you’re yet to join this interconnected web, worry not. Registration details are still in this weekend’s bulletin and church entrances.

Our thoughts turn to the recent unveiling of the Diocese of Erie’s pastoral plan for Erie County. While our parish, county, and deanery remain unaffected, let’s embrace our fellow believers undergoing change. As we unite in prayer, let this serve as a reminder that change is inevitable. Yet, through proactive planning, we unlock potential for a brighter tomorrow. To explore these proposed changes, visit the Diocese’s website, and will be available on our parish website as well.

Pray for our students as well as their vocations. In a particular way, please pray for Parishioner Joseph Dumais who entered the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in New York City this past week. It is a special joy for a parish to claim a man as he studies and discerns religious life and priesthood. Please continue to remember him in your prayers in a particular way as you pray for more vocations to come forth from our parish community.

Here are a couple of thoughts for the week ahead: Don’t ruin a good day by thinking about the possibility of a bad day in the future. Just enjoy the present moment. Scars tell where we have been. They do not have to dictate where we are going. No matter who gives up on you, don’t you ever give up on yourself or God.

        Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy