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Around the Parish – February 25, 2024

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I extend my sincere thanks to each of you for making our Parish Lenten Mission an exceptional three-day experience. Your enthusiastic participation, commitment to growth, and shared moments of prayer created an atmosphere filled with learning and unity. Together, we embraced the true spirit of Lent, fostering a sense of renewal and deepening our connections within the parish. Your presence made these days truly special, and I am grateful for the collective journey we undertook.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Father Maximilian Maria Jaskowak for his inspirational leadership during our Parish Lenten Mission. Father Maximilian’s profound insights, engaging sermons, and unwavering commitment to guiding us on our spiritual journey were instrumental in making these three days truly transformative. His wisdom and compassionate presence enriched our collective experience, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. We are blessed to have had him as our guide, and we extend our sincere appreciation for his dedication to nurturing our faith community.

As we gear up for the upcoming Blooms and Bargains Bazaar, here’s a friendly reminder to keep us in mind during your spring cleaning endeavors. As you sift through your closets and tidy up your living spaces, consider setting aside any gently used items and potted plants that could find new homes at our event. Your contributions will not only help you declutter but will also add to the success of our community sale.

Join us for the Saint Patrick’s Day Bingo and Bake Sale on Friday, March 15! We’re seeking volunteers and bakers to make this event a hit. If you love baking or can spare some time, your help will add sweetness to our celebration. Contribute to the festive spirit and community bonding by being a part of this memorable day. Signup on the sheets at the entrances to Church. Let’s create a delicious and unforgettable Saint Patrick’s Day together!

Here are a few thoughts for the week ahead:

Never let the things you want cause you to neglect the things you have. We need patience; all things are difficult before they become easy. Parish volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have their heart in the right place.

Pax et Bonum, Fr. Andy